Secrets of Bohol

HELLO WONDERERS! Looking for new trip destination here in bohol. Hidden gems that are hard to find but great destination you will experiences. Never imagine to see here in God’s Little Paradise, Bohol. The province biggest tourist spot are the cute Chocolate Hills and Endangered Tarsiers but there are so much to discover. Get ready and grab some pen and paper to take note the tourist spots we visited and travel tips and less expense.

Bohol is the 10th largest among all the Philippine islands. The mains is surrounded by smaller bodies of land where Bohol’s white sand beaches and diving sites can be found. Since the province’s territory is huge, the attractions can be kilometers to miles apart from one another.


How to get there:

By plane:

Bohol has one airport located in Tagbilaran, a component city in the province. Three of the country’s airline companies operate to and from Tagbilaran airport: Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airline.

Going to and around the bohol:

Hired private cars and van but little bit expensive but effortless to ride one another vehicle but if you are adventurer I guess captivating nature best by commuting. Traveling so far riding different transportation, hours of walking and hike uphill and downhill. So tired but when you reach your destination all the hard work paid off.

Here are some travel tips for budget pack escapade for your bohol trip.

1st stop


Located at bario Can-umantad, Candijay Bohol.

From Tagbilan Airport, just hail trike to take you to Dao Bus Terminal or if you are big group want to travel, you can hire private car to take you here.

At Dao Terminal, ride a bus or fx van to Candijay, Bohol. One way fare is around 80-100 php per person while van fare is around 130-150php

Get off at Lungsod Daan, Public Market.

Hire a habal habal (motorcycle) to take you to Can umantad falls and Cadapdapan Rice Terraces. Round trip fare is 200php per person.

Environmental fee is: 20 Adult / 10 Child

30 minutes travel from the market, Poblacion Candijay and you’re going to see one of a kind and the highest water fall in Bohol. Here I realize life is better when you’re appreciating god’s creation.

60 feet high, way to falls are little bit slippery that you should were shoes and water are quite clear, and very distinct falls.

The place is best with family and friends they have cottages and picnic areas.the experience is priceless if you visit and swim and appreciate the view of the falls.


Located at Brgy. Cadapdapan, Candijay Bohol. On the top of Can-umantad Falls. Just below Cadapdapan Rice Terraces at least 15minutes trek down, is the Can-umantad Falls, the highest distinct waterfalls of Bohol.

As of 2018 tour guides uses habal habal (motor) to drive guest to waterfall and rice terrace rather than trekking from rice terraces down to waterfall for less time effort of tourist.

Environmental fee is 20php each. Open from 7am to 5pm that you can enjoy the view and ambiance of the place.

I imagine Rice Terraces are only in Benguet but seeing here in Bohol was really fascinating. This is my first time seeing Rice Terraces and I fell for it, specially local people who work and preserved it. As cheesy as this sounds, when you are here, and you see the beautiful terraces and fell the breeze of the wind, you’d feel amazed by how magnificent this places is. It would make you ask yourself ‘How can something as beautiful as this be Man Made?!’

The farmers are busy harvesting rice and it was an amazing experience to see how they do it the old fashion way. On top of the hill was like heaven on earth! So peaceful. I will definitely would like to recommend to all travelers and come see bohol little secret.


Located at Anda, Bohol.

From Can-umantad falls and Cadapdapan Rice Terraces we go directly to Cabagnow Cave Pool here in Anda, Bohol. Approximately 1 hour (28km) to reach Anda from Candijay Market.

Ride a bus or Fx Van way back and drop off to Guindulman Municipal Hall then rent tricycle to take you there. From drop off you will walk 5-10minutes. Opens from 6am to 6pm and entrance fee 50 php.

The Cabagnow Cave Pool mix by sea water and fresh water called as ‘brackish water’. It approximately 20-25feet deep which you can jump over. The pool estimated height of 15-18 feet and you can see the crystal clear water from top and tempt you to jump. They have floaters and available that people cant swim also can enjoy the cliff dive.

Seeing from far it look like a small hole but seeing close to you was very huge and WOW!? Look scary theres no bats and fearless people this places is for us!

The place is just ordinary but when look at the cave is so amazing and thrilling. Another one again on my bucket list.


Talisay Beach is just a few steps from Cabagnow Cave. The beach are just seagrasses and lot leaves of trees and coconuts bordering its shore and its normal. This part fisherman locally park their boats and you can see hanging out by the beach.

The sand is fine and beach is quite good one thing locals and travelers should clean and maintain it so the beauty stays with it and travelers be responsible about the disposing trash.


‘Leave nothing but Footprint, Take nothing but Pictures, Keep nothing but Memories, Kill nothing but Time.’

It’s about time:

We took 3-4 hours travel time to reach this 4 tourist spots but one of them never failed me to amazed and still make me travel more. I know tan lines will fade but memories last forever. Definitely one more reason why I come back to this gorgeous province this was definitely one of those moments I dreamt of and wrote it on my notepad. It is amazing experience that I’ve dreaming of for a very long time is now marked check and Im ready for next bucket list.

THANK YOU BOHOL! Hope local preserve what you offer for us and adventurers Where to go next!? #biyahenidats

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