Wonders of Ilocos (Part II)

Exploring the northern part of the Philippines province of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte for the 2nd time around. Seeing the province a year ago still fresh and hope to see nothing new but to preserve the beauty of Heritage sites and Historical Churches. And as personal opinion, Hope to see Locals and Tourists to protect and maintain our environment clean and green not because for business tours and also for the nature of the people around it. Protect and develop your passion same as our environment.

A piece of Trivia about Bangui Windmill

Ilocos surrounded of a hundred plus wind turbines (Windmill) in Bangui Ilocos Norte. It generates and produce maximum of 1.65MW per wind turbines. The wind farm is the main supplier of electricity of the province and next to Metro Manila. The project established year 2015 erected 15 turbines on the shore.

Lets get it started!

Welcome to Wonders of Ilocos:

DAY 01

Bantay Church and Fry Bell Tower

Saint Augustine Parish Church

The infrastructure of the church are still same and by getting old the beauty appears. I see the prevention of people maintaining the beauty around it and still captivating.

Chapel By The Ruins

The actual church that has damaged and destroyed during Second World War. The current church was built on the same spot where the old church was destroyed. The chapel was the remnant ruins of the old church and remained in tact till to date. The atmosphere was senere and very peaceful. You can hear humming of birds appreciate the flowers and greenery while looking at the altar under the clear blue sky.

Bantay Bell Tower

Bell towers and Baluarte located in Ilocos mostly separated because of earthquake to avoid erosion of the churches and can still reconstruct to maintain the building situated.

Marsha’s Delicacies

In here, you can take your breakfast, lunch, dinner and buy souvenirs for you love ones. They have there own coffee shop. I do not have picture of our food but sure thing is Langonisa and Bagnet are very yummy, province main product. Located in the main road way to Ilocos Norte.

Calle Crisologo

Through the years, Calle Crisologo street became famous as it served as the center of well preserved Vigan houses. Fee decades after the World War II or during the 1970’s when Pres. Marcos declared the Vigan heritage village as national treasure to protect and preserve the existence.

Kalesa Riding is only 150php that will explore you around Calle Crisologo. From our guide he shared a lot of story of the province about the infrastructure form of houses and trip to museums and I lay back to 90’s by hearing the history about the places.

National Museum

Know as Padre Burgos House, it is one of the historic structures of Vigan, the capital of the province of Ilocos Sur.

Crisologo Museum

This former residence of politician Floro S. Crisologo is now with memorabilia & furniture.

Art of Ilocanos

I like my shot right here behind the art of Ilocanos by showing there passion of painting. Love your art Ilocanos!

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle

It is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site declaration of the historic town of Vigan 1999.

Vigan Cathedral Bell Tower

Its stands separately in Plaza Burgos. The bell tower was built 15m away, separate from the main church building so that if one structure was destroyed in an earthquake, the other might still remain standing. The bell tower is about 25 meters high and is surrounded by a large bronze weathercock that is said to symbolize Saint Peter.

Plaza Salcedo

It is literally the focal point of the city’s Spanish urban design.

Ilocos Sur

Exploring Ilocos Sur was quite enough by knowing new things about the province and the people work around it. Love the local vibes here and the old transportation still rocking.

Sharing history about the province is a pleasure but for me let me share some thing for theme. Travelers like me, please respect there nature thru appreciating the things by looking of it not to touch and not just to picture then upload on social medias appreciate and soon I guest you will fall in love like me of Historical places and Respecting local nature. Especially Follow Rules.

Paoay Church (Saint Agustin Church)

I always say the beauty still. Thanks to the workers and pre-servants who made this Church still standing not because it has a big enormous buttresses on the sides and back of the building but the love of people who work and pray for the Baroque Paoay Church to stand still. And still one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

End of Day 01 we stayed at Java Hotel

The largest Kubo House in the Philippines. Located in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Facilities they have is fitness gym, tennis court, wall cimbing and swimming pool. Java Hotel offer 1st class service, with favorable room prices and hospitable staffs.

Enjoy your food on there restaurant beside the river feels the province life. Sweet times. Then sleep ready for round 2.

DAY 02-

Malacañang of the North

The residence was built by the Philippine Tourism Authority in 1977 for Pres. Marcos 60th birthday. Served as official residence family of the President when there staying in Ilocos.

Paoay Lake

The lake supposedly was the site of a prosperous barangay called San Juan de Sahagun that sank after an earthquake. The fresh water lake and its 1k surroundings was declared a national park in 1969. Some story about the lake appeared. A Ermitanyo (Anchorite) begging for water because the lake surrounded before of Rich peoples that ermitanyo threaten as nothing beat then ermitanyo pay back thru his spell a huge heavy rain affects the people who beaten him and a huge earthquake to drown all the houses.

My Favorite Empanada

For only 35php you can enjoy your lunch eating Empanada because of a huge ingredients used to make one of it.

Patapat Viaduct

5th Longest Bridge in the Philippines. Its my second time see the bridge and still amazed about the stability getting ages. The DPWH opened the bridge in October 1986.

Bangui Windmill

The biggest fan in the world. Just Kidding!

Whoaaa! Beauty. Seeing you again as I said Wonders are here. The windmill is our source of electricity right? And also in my soul. So beautiful!! Hands up to those people work there asses to help our country and built hundred of turbines to minimize lack of energy.

Razen Beach

Awesome view with nice way to take a picture. Not sure if swimming is allowed at the beach but would definitely love it.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Creamy rock formation. Its named so as Puraw which mean to white in Ilocano, and it is the visually appealing rock formation that is the attraction that the tourist want to see.

The end of the tour stop here. I had a great day here in Ilocos. It is my second time to explore the province but still wondering the beauty of it. Thats why, Im right to call the Wonders of Ilocos!

Specially thank to EC Minds Tour for wonderful time and safe trip. Till next time Ilocos!

TARA BIYAHE TAYO! #biyahenidats

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